Cancellation Policy/Terms and Conditions of booking

Terms and Conditions of Entry

Our cafe is only enjoyable if all guests are enjoying the Cat Emporium respectfully.

When booking, please only tick the box labelled 'I Agree to the Terms and Conditions" if:

1. You agree to respect the cats

  • You agree that you will not stroke cats that are sleeping, eating or grooming themselves, because you understand that doing this may cause them to develop anxiety around humans.

  • You agree that you will not feed the cats any of your food.

  • You agree to play kindly with the animals and will not chase them, be unnecessarily rough or dangle toys in their faces.

  • You agree to turn off the flash when you take photos.

  • You agree that you understand these rules and you're fully aware that our team may ask guests to leave who do not respect our animals.

1. You agree to respect our Entry Conditions and Cancellation Policy

  • You agree to respect our 12+ age limit

  • You agree and accept that we will reject bookings comprised of significantly more children than adults. Our staff can not and will not take responsibility for supervising minors. We are not a suitable venue for children's parties.

  • You agree to book in for no more than 6 guests at a time

  • You agree that you will give us 24h notice for a cancellation for a Standard Booking

  • You agree that you will give us 48h notice for a cancellation of a High Tea Booking.

  • You understand and accept that our policy is not to issue refunds or reschedules if we are not given sufficient notice.

Please bear in mind that Management may take into consideration extenuating circumstances, but is not obligated to issue refunds or reschedules with insufficient notice.