House Rules

As a cafe that is also home to living creatures, we have a few rules to ensure their safety and mental health. These rules are really important to us and crucial to the ongoing happiness of our beloved cats.

If you object in any way to these rules, please do not place a booking as we do not wish for guests to be disappointed with their experience. Diligence and responsibility in animal care is fundamental to our ethos at Lady Dinah’s and we place high priority on our animal’s well-being.


You can not pick up and hold our cats

You can pet and play with our cats if they’re awake and willing to be petted and played with.

However, you can’t pick them up or confine them in any way. If our cats can’t move freely around the cafe, they won’t feel safe.

In addition, cats may respond aggressively if picked up or held by people they don’t know.


We have an age restriction

We do not admit any children under the age of 12. This includes babies and toddlers. We do not make any exceptions to this rule, please do not contact us to ask for special dispensation as refusal may offend.


We have a group size limit

Our booking system will not let you book for a group larger than 6.

Our cafe is too small to cater for large groups and large groups tend to be louder and spook the cats.

Please do not place multiple bookings to bypass the group size limit on our booking system. It has been deliberately set. Guests who demonstrate that they will break our rules before arriving will be refused entry, without refund.


Please don’t wake the cats

Cats naturally sleep 16+ hours a day so there may be sleeping cats during your visit. Please let them sleep as they are more likely to wake up and be lively if they’re able to sleep soundly and uninterrupted.

We don’t allow guests to stroke or wake sleeping cats with sounds, as it is harmful to their long-term welfare if they don’t get the sleep they require.


One person at a time

Cats are very small! It’s really intimidating for them to have several humans trying to touch them at the same time. Please understand the experience from their point of view and don’t overwhelm them.


Do not feed them!

They may act hungry, but they aren’t! Our cat’s food is weighed carefully and distributed in small quantities several times a day. Please don’t let them take any of your food or drink as it isn’t good for them and it can cause them health problems if they eat human food.

Please don’t bring food or treats for our cats with you when you visit as they are on a carefully managed diet.

We thank you in advance for understanding our animal’s needs and for helping Lady Dinah’s to stay at the forefront of responsible animal care in a commercial environment. We believe that if our cats feel safe and happy during your visit, they will happily enjoy your company as much as you enjoy theirs. We hope you have a wonderful, calming and peaceful visit with our dear feline friends.