We're very happy to hear you've been gifted a Lady Dinah's High Tea card! 

We have some special instructions for you.

Due to rent, rates, wage, and supply cost increases, we have had to put our prices up from March 27 2019. This means some of you have gift cards for High Tea that won't cover the full cost on our booking system now that there are new prices on the system. 

If your High Tea Gift Card expires on or before March 26 2020, please email us as we'll need to help you. You won't be charged more, we will honour the price that was paid originally. Our email is bookings@ladydinahs.co.uk

If your High Tea Gift Card expires on or after March 27 2020, your code will work perfectly on our website and you can proceed directly to entering your code and booking in online here: https://www.ladydinahs.com/pages/redeem-a-gift-voucher