On this page you'll find a calendar of High Tea dates, as this is our most popular Catmas voucher.

If you have a voucher for £10 or £20 and would prefer to book an Entry Cats and Cuppa space, simply select 'Entry Cats and a Cuppa' from the 'Booking Type' dropdown menu below. 

To use your code, click the button below that reads 'Enter code' and enter the full code from the back of your card. It should follow a format 'CATMAS-XXXX-XX' or similar.

Our codes are handwritten, so if you have problems with your code, please check if a number or letter looks like any other (e.g. 0 and O, 5 and S, 1 and I).

Once you've entered your code, the price of the booking type should be adjusted in the calendar below: