At least once a month (but sometimes more), we run Soothing Sunday Sessions.  

These are our absolute favourite days! On Soothing Sundays, we we run at half capacity, giving you more space to enjoy your time with our feline pals and a quieter experience.  

  • You share the cafe with half as many people (as little as 4 other guests and a maximum of 14 in total)
  • Adults only, to guarantee a calm and quiet experience

As with all our services, bookings are essential, so make sure you book well in advance! We take all our bookings online at

Soothing Sunday Sessions cost £20 per person and include 90 minutes with the cats and 1 drink from our menu. 

Don't worry if you don't drink tea or coffee - you can choose from our selection of soft drinks.

Only non-alcoholic drinks are included in the Soothing Sunday Sessions ticket price, so if you would like an alcoholic beverage, you will need to buy that separately on the day. 

You can order more items from the menu on the day if you want (but you are in no way obligated to do so!) scroll down the page to see the a la carte menu.

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We offer Soothing Sunday Sessions once per month, starting with June 17, 2018. 

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Our a la carte menu


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menu 2

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Special Information for Gluten and Nut allergy sufferers



We maintain careful contamination protocols (fresh poly gloves, colour-coded knives and chopping boards) when serving foods containing nuts or gluten, however, we do not have an entirely gluten-free or nut-free kitchen. If you have a particularly sensitive allergy, let us know at and we can advise further. 

 We can prepare you a High Tea that does not include nuts as an ingredient, but we can not guarantee the complete absence of trace amounts. 

We can prepare you a High Tea that does not include Gluten as an ingredient, but we can not guarantee the complete absence of trace amounts. 

If you have a severe nut or gluten allergy, email us before you book for product specifications and more information. 


Before you book

  • Children under the age of 18 will not be admitted for Sunday Sessions. 
  • We do not accept bookings for more than 6 guests during normal service times. 
  • If your group is larger than 6 people, you will need to contact us to discuss a private booking
  • Guests that place multiple bookings to bypass our limit of 6 guests will be turned away at the door without refund. 
  • We operate a strict cancellation policy, please check your booking details carefully.
Please do not contact us to ask for exceptions to be made for the above terms and conditions of entry, as refusal often offends. 
Management reserves the right to refuse entry to guests who disregard the terms and conditions of entry.