• Lady Dinah Feb 18, 2018

    Lady Dinah's at Veganlife Live

    Last weekend Alexandra Palace hosted Vegan Life Live.  Korina of Baking Bad Vegan, who bakes the gorgeous rose cupcakes our birthday and High Tea guests have been enjoying for the past year, was kind enough to send us some free passes so we could take a look at how much the vegan movement has progressed in recent years.  And what a glorious day for it! Alexandra Palace is a beautiful venue and offers expansive...


  • Lady Dinah Feb 17, 2018

    When Petra met Hector

    Back in October 2017 we sent an eNewsletter announcing that our Princess of Floof, Petra, was available for rehoming.  Incidentally, with social media algorithms constantly changing - usually for the worse for small businesses - we are using our eNewsletter system more and more to share information with our community. If you want to get every update we share, sign up! Why was she offered for rehoming? With the Wilde kittens putting...


  • Lady Dinah Feb 14, 2018

    Learn Pet First Aid with the Cats!

    Complete a CPD-Certified Pet First Aid course here at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium! Next Training date: Feb 21 2018 Join us for a four-hour session to learn first aid for pets from qualified, experienced instructors, or to brush up on existing knowledge. Our Pet First Aid training courses have a maximum of 15 attendees to ensure everyone gets the most out of the session. It's a hands-on, practical course, ideal for...


  • Lady Dinah Feb 13, 2018

    Cat Cocktail Parties with iCatCare

    Recently Abbie and Lauren were lucky to attend a special event hosted by International Cat Care to celebrate the launch of their Cat-Themed Cocktail Party fundraising packs. Hosted at Jewel Bar in Piccadilly Circus, we joined an assortment of cat-related bloggers and industry guests to enjoy lovely views of the iconic London circuit whilst being taught how to mix our own Cat-themed cocktails by an experienced mixologist. We were delighted to catch up...


  • Lady Dinah Feb 04, 2018

    Our Influencer/Blogger Comp Policy

    We've been getting a tonne of requests for complimentary passes lately and we know that, as the summer approaches, the demand for comps is only going to increase as travel influencers plan their summer activities. This blog post is for influencers requesting complimentary passes and explains our terms of engagement.  Our history Since we opened in nearly 4 years ago, Lady Dinah's has become something even bigger and more iconic than we ever imagined! We're...