The real stars! Meet our beloved cats. All our our cats are rescues - we don't breed or buy, and we encourage all our guests to see every day moggies as the beautiful loving creatures they are and to consider adopting their next feline family member from a shelter instead of buying from somewhere!  



Mue is the oldest cat in the cafe and mother to several residents (we adopted them as a family - we don't breed or buy).
Mue doesn't like being petted on the head or face, but she does love a fuss when it's done the right way.

Ask the Cat Carer on shift how to approach Mue when you visit and she'll be putty in your hands. 


Biscuit Biscuit
Biscuit is Mue's oldest offspring and she's very quiet and sweet and lovely!

She enjoys chasing string, but sometimes misses out because she has very good manners and always waits her turn. 


Wookie Wookie
The man himself! Wookie is a big teddy bear - and the third-eldest cat in the Cat Emporium. He eats exactly the same food as the other cats, but weighs in at 7.9kg! He's just made that way - his paws say it all. Wookie is very lazy and doesn't like to be fussed for too long. But if you leave him in peace, he will chill with you for hours. He likes to hang out.  




Donnie is one of Mue's 3 sons, and our only remaining ginger ninja, as we rehomed his brothers Indiana and Romeo in 2014 and 2015.

Donnie likes to sit on the cat carer's heads and is a very chatty boy!



Petra Petra
Petra is a QUEEN. She loves a good brush, she likes you to watch her run on the wheel, she has a squeaky little meow. Everything must be done on Petra's terms, as she doesn't take any nonsense and if she is displeased, the last you'll see are her fluffy pantaloons sauntering off into the distance!


Carbonelle Carbonelle
Our beautiful girl! The first thing you notice about Carbs are her lovely eyes and striking asymmetrical markings, but get to know her and you'll also discover she's clumsy and awkward and very loving. 


Lizzie Lizzie
There isn't a person who comes to the Cat Emporium who doesn't know who Lizzie is. Our Lizzie demands all the attention, all the time, and she will shout until she gets it. She loves the running wheel and can be very possessive of it. You have to watch her though, because if you don't watch her and praise her while she exercises, she loses all motivation!


Alice Alice
Alice is Lizzie's sister and she is cheeky and loving and full of beans! Alice loves to steal toys from other cats, lick people on the nose and dip her paws in your water glass while you're not looking. Alice is being rehomed in November 2017, as she's ready to move to a place where she doesn't have to share. We will miss her antics and mischief!


Victor Victor
Our soulful little man! No matter how old Victor gets, he still seems like a kitten to us. The gentlest spirit and the softest fur, he's an angel on earth. 


Peter Peter
It's very important you give Peter your undivided attention. He loves people and he loves cuddles and he wants you to love only him.


Wendy Wendy
Little Wendy loves to play and she loves treats. Cuddles are for the chosen people and aren't permitted lightly - if you have a cuddle with Wendy, you're very lucky!


Tink Tink
Tink sure gives Alice a run for her money in the mischief stakes! Tink is just like her mischievous namesake and loves to chase toys and scale the floor-to-ceiling scratcher. When she's not bounding around, you'll find her casually leaning a paw off a high shelf, watching the people pass by below.


Dorian Dorian
Dorian is one of 5 offspring from Mimi, a pregnant cat we took in during early 2017. Dorian is a lovely little lady and likes to cuddle up with Cecil.  


Cecil Cecil
We're embarrassed to admit, but we initially named Cecil 'Cecily!' As he got a little bit older, it became apparent that our little snugglebug was actually a Cecil, and here we are.

Cecil loves cuddles and is a very curious little guy.


Ernest Ernest
Ernest is such a handsome young man!
He's the strong silent type and keeps to himself a little. He was the bravest of all the kittens when they first moved into the cafe and is a very calming influence on them.


Sybil Sybil
Sybil is a darling little girl. Like all kittens, she loves to play and cuddle and explore and she has such a lovely sweet nature!


Salome Salome
There aren't enough cuddles in the world for our little Salome! She is a delightful little sweetheart!