May 05, 2018

Our friends from Pet Remedy have sent us a lovely calming kit to help keep our cats comfortable in stressful situations. 

We have previously tested their products during a Facebook livestream with Lauren and Mona. You can see there how some of the cats reacted to the blend of essentials oils found in the products, while others weren't that interested initially. 

For the past few months we have been using the Pet Remedy plug-in diffusers overnight and we think they've been helping our cats when it comes to anxiety, bonding, fireworks, new members of our cat family, and any other stressful situations.

This little kit can help with scent swapping as well as calming, which in turn helps speed up the bonding process. At Lady Dinah's we've always used the scent swapping method to introduce new cats to the cafe residents.

If you're interested in reading more about introducing a new cat to a resident cat you can find more information on Intelligent Cat Care's website:

We don’t really go in for dressing up our cats, but we thought we’d give it a try with this bandanna knowing that some of the cats might like it.

Turns out that this is the look Donnie always wanted for his modelling portfolio! Now he won’t allow us to take it off him.

Such a dapper young man!

The calming kit also comes with a 15ml Pet Remedy Calming Spray and a reversible Polkadot bandana.

You can find the bandana here:

If you're ever in need of more cute pictures of these lovely moggies, you can find them here:

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