We have an age restriction of 12 years and over only.

We do not make exceptions, so please do not ask. 

We will not issue refunds for guests who show up with underage guests and are consequently refused entry. 

Below is a comprehensive list of locations where our age limit is clearly communicated. Due to the extraordinary effort we have expended to communicate this point, we will not accept claims from guests who insist on entry or a full refund because they feel it it was not clear on our website. 

On our website

  1. This page! Our Age Restriction page.
  2. Our House Rules Page
  3. Our Our Services page
  4. Our Visit Us page
  5. Our High Tea page
  6. Our Special Events page
  7. Our Private Hire page
  8. Our Walk-ins page
  9. Our Bookings page
  10. Our Cancellation and Terms & Conditions page

Within our Booking system:

There is no option to book for anyone younger than 12

no option for < 12Every single booking type has an 'information' button
bookings info

If you click this button, you'll see 'Restrictions and Important Information'

Booking restrictions

If you continue on with your booking, you'll be asked to accept the terms and conditions before you finalise your payment

Emails we send to you

You will receive a booking confirmation email, which states our age limit in two locations: 

booking confirm 1

And below, with the same Ts & Cs from the bookings system:


We send you the same email a second time, 3 days before your booking, to give you enough time to change your booking and still receive a full refund. 

Other places we communicate our age limit

Facebook, our 'About Us' page: 

About us

Our Twitter Profile:

Our Instagram profile: